Many of us use Live Photos to capture memories in moving photo snippets on our iPhones. But did you know that you can also bounce Live Photos back and forth, similar to the boomerang effect popular in Instagram and Snapchat? Here’s how to do it.

There’s more to Live Photos

Live Photos is a camera feature embedded in the iPhone that lets users record short video snippets on either side of the photos they snap. The result is a three second video with audio.

Live Photos is a very old feature, debuting in iOS 9 with the release of the iPhone 6S, where Live Photos was one of its key features.

A few years later, Apple stepped up its game by adding effects to Live Photos. These were released in iOS 11. It is these effects that let you make boomerangs on your iPhone. In addition to adding effects, you can also edit your Live Photos, use Live Photos as wallpapers, and even convert them to GIFs.

Bounce plays your Live Photo and then bounces it upside down on a loop, similar to the boomerang effect popular on social media platforms like Instagram. In addition, you can also try two other effects.

Loop: Instead of hard-pressing the Live Photo to play it, this effect makes it play on a loop. It comes with motion-blur effect.
Long Exposure: This mimics the photography trick of using a slow shutter speed to blur the moving elements of a photo without affecting the steady shutter speed.

Make Live Photos more awesome

You no longer have to use social media platforms or third party apps to make Boomerang. Simply snap a Live Photo on your iPhone, then switch it on the Bounce effect in the Photos app. It could not be easier.

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